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For Newcomers

If this is your first visit to the site start by reading my introduction which contains the material that used to be on the home page. As that changes very little I decided to arrange things so the people need not read it on every visit.

If you can't wait to see what I look like, you might instead start by looking at some pictures.

Returning visitors

Most of my interests and activities are listed on the hobbies page, where there are links to pictures and to more detailed infomation.

See MY BLOG for the most up to date acount of my day to day activities. There is usually something new there every few days.

It is a very long time since I made an substantial change to this site, so much of the material is out of date. However I have managed to write report on my activities this year. The material there is an extended version of the email I sent to a lot of people just after Christmas.

I also brought the books page up to date on 10 january 2017. It now lists only books I'm reading at the moment. Details of books I read and completed in 2016 are now on a separate page accessible from the box_room

In the course of last year I sorted out a few picture of the house. Eventually there will be a lot more, and I plan to reorganise pictures on the site, but as a start there's a small collection pictures of the front of the house here, and some of adventures_underground.

Introduce yourself

If you'd like to comment on the site, or get in touch, or just say "hello" send me an email

For several years this page contained a link to a form into which people could enter their comments, but there has recently been so much nonsense posted there that I've withdrawn the form. In any case the main reason I put it here was to check that I could do forms; now I know I can it's unnecessary.

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