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The Extension

(last edited on Sunday 13th September 2009)
My big project in 2005 and 2006 was to extend the house. The extension is two stories high at the side of the house, where there used to be outhouses and a patch of land designated 'garage space', which was a fern garden.

The extension comprises, on the ground floor a garage for storing odds and ends, a kitchen extension, and a cloakroom leading off the garage, and on the first floor a fairly large en suite bedroom. That has made it possible to take as lodgers two friends who used to live nearby in a flat and wanted to live somewhere with a garden..

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The Original site

from the front:

The Jungle The Fernery The old back gate

from the back

The Site Cleared

from the front                     from the back

Lovely New Plastic Drains
Pouring 10 tons of concrete a metre deep

Hard Core

Building Further

The girder that supports the Kitchen Ceiling The Garage Ceiling Bricklaying on the first floor, seen from the lavatory window

The sky through a hole in the roof The new roof The Old Kitchen decommisioned The old kitchen window being converted to the new back door

The Finished Product

Fom the front, showing the new wall and gates From the back

Walking through the new kitchen, starting by entering the old kitchen area from the hall and walking through to the new area

Looking back from the new kitchen area to the site of the old The garage, in which there will never be room for a car

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